The Artist

Shannon Holt portrait

Shannon Holt is a fine art body painter and classically trained visual artist.  Shannon earned her BFA from Tyler School of Art Philadelphia/Rome in 1998.  She took interest in painting female figurative subject matter on different surfaces switching from canvas to wood and textiles. She then started using more sculptural elements in her cigar box assemblages. It was this search for surface which drew the artist to painting on skin. Shannon tried her hand at fine art body painting early, in 2008, using her model as muse, and became a professional body painter in 2009.
Shannon starred as a contestant on the body paint competition show, Skin Wars, which airs in August 2014 on GSN.  She competes in International body art competitions, and also works major festivals. Some of her favorite projects include body painting and doing glamour makeup at House of Blues, New Orleans every Mardi Gras, and Fantasy Fest in Key West, every year.

The artist also produces fine art paintings in her home studio on various surfaces including: canvas, paper, wood, and metal.  She makes her live art in the Ryder Gledhill photo studio. There she creates one of a kind fine art body paintings, comprised of stacked, sometimes contorted models.   Shannon specializes in body paint installations for high end events as she travels the US working as an award winning body painter.

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