When you look at the work of Shannon Holt, it is easy to see that she has a respect and gratitude to animals, who are sentient beings, and stand next to us seen or unseen in our lives.  Animal conservation inspires Shannon, as she helps amplify their beauty through her work.  This fine art body painter makes a difference in the lives of animals by  volunteering time, transporting pets and wildlife, and donating to and supporting those who work in animal rescue.  “I believe it is so important to give back.  Give time, and a drop in the bucket if you feel led to do so.  Share your abundance.  Bless others, educate.”  When you make an art purchase at this helps me transport and help more animals!

Animal Rescue Stories

Shannon’s experience

“In 2005, I was living in Florida and working full time for FEMA, helping hurricane victims fill out property forms over the phone.  I listened to countless people tell me their stories of how they lost everything.. their homes, their pets.  Simultaneously, small local animal rescue groups went to New Orleans to save displaced pets.  Debi Root, founder of Second Chance Rescue in Bunnell, spent 13 weeks saving countless animals, and brought 207 dogs back to Florida, reunited 51 of them with owners and placed all the rest into adoptive homes.  Today, I am a transporter for several different 501c3 rescue groups and I raise awareness for the cause of animal rescue.  I believe in giving back.   I want to support rescuers.  They usually need a lot of repairs on the farm, and they can always use food, towels and blankets, crates and dog houses, and especially donations.  Here are some of the residents who will live out their lives on the farm, in safety.”


This horse was rescued by Second Chance from a horse market, where they push the terrified animals on stage to be bid on by “horsemen starting at $75 for dog food and glue manufacturing. This horse was probably a pet at one time, which was sold. In this particular case, Second Chance Rescue bid up to $400 against the horseman, who kept over bidding, not because this is a prize winning animal, but instead to spite the rescue.


Big pigs are intimidating at first because they are very powerful animals with a lot of energy! They are actually smarter than dogs. These pigs were rescued from flea markets, where their buyers surely had bacon in mind. Now they get to live in peaceful mud puddles, and they have a kiddie pool full of water, which gets changed every day.


This is Ryder the peacock! Peacocks have also become a target for animal cruelty, as crazy neighbors who don’t like the country noise shoot guns at them. Now they have to be penned to avoid casualties.



Festus the billy goat, who was saved from the slaughter line

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