SKIN WARS and other Body Painting Competition Pieces

Skin Wars 2014

“Skin Wars” (NO not Star Wars…) The ultimate body painting competition!  I was selected to compete with nine other body painters, in this reality TV show, for a grand prize of $100000, unlimited product for a year, and a paid trip to showcase at IMATS in NYC.  It was an incredible experience, like the Olympics of body painting!  We were fueled only by passion!  (and a LOT of coffee.)   Who won the competition?? Want a spoiler alert?  I can’t tell you the answer to that!  Just find them on NETFLIX and catch ALL EIGHT episodes of Skin-tacular Skin Wars!”

Living Art America 2014, Sanibel Island

FABAIC 2013 – “Absinthe”

Living Art America 2013

Living Art America 2013 – “Phoenix”

This is a political piece which is about Human Trafficking and women who have been rehabilitated to rise above their oppressors.

FABAIC 2012 – “Flying Monkeys”

A political body painting about the cruel, outdated practice of sending animals into space for rocket testing.

RAWards Semi Finals Showcase 2012

FABAIC 2011 – “Marie Antionette”