Rembrandt Blake (with bonus frittata)

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If you’re my friend, you know my face from the art community, and we’ve shared a cocktail or coffee. If you’ve gotten even closer, then you know I’ve gone to great lengths to make you the world’s greatest mix tape or my famous “Fall in Love Frittata.” Perhaps your experience lies between awkwardness and avoidance since that time I went through your recycling bin to string together bits of beer cans to create kinetic sculptures. But, if you are my mother’s stylist, then baby, you get the ROYAL treatment. Blake was transformed into a fine art masterpiece… the subject of some romantic 17th century oil painting. I was suprised that Blake let me paint his flaxen hair and mustache an espresso bean brown! And then he reminded me of another paint job I did for him, in which he was blue.

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The Original Blonde Bombshell


What happens when you reschedule a body paint shoot five times, and the model drives 20 miles in the opposite direction of the photo studio? Magic. Sierra drove her last drops of gas going East on 44, instead of West, and almost drove into the Pacific. I went out to find her at the ocean, and threw $20 in her tank, giddy with excitement about the prospect of painting this highly sought after, and fun to work with model. She rocked it out for me at Nude Nite 2013, and it had been months talking about doing something with her. Originally, I wanted to paint her as Bonnie, from Bonnie and Clyde, and even had a pearl handled pistol lined up as a prop, but she INSISTED that Marilyn would be the better choice.

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