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Unicorns are Magic

  A special word about the Unicorn… The story of the Unicorn:  When I was little, I loved Unicorns.  I think all little girls who ride horses must!   I would pretend that Bob, my chestnut quarter horse would take me to see one as I went through the riding trail. I drew them endlessly, […]

Gimme Some Sugar (Skulls!!!)

Here’s a nifty little face and body painting modeled by the fabulous, Nastasia Blue! If you recognize her… She was my VERY FIRST professional body painting, at the beginning of this blog,(The Art of Jaw Dropping) way back in 2010~ has it been only 4 years!? This promotion was for the Dia de los Muertos […]

The Spirit of Frida

I was invited by the Museum of Art, in Deland to do a performance piece for their Dia de los Muertos celebration! Wow, what an honor. I remember coming to Deland twelve years ago, peeking my head inside the door, and asking if I could drop off a resume for consideration. What a wonderful world! Well, […]